Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time Managemnt: Getting Busy or being Idle

Time management is an important factor in being successful.  Time is gold for those who have handful of activities where 24 hours are sometimes not enough. You cannot even find time to sleep because there are things to do. But for those who are lazy and bored, idleness is a way of life. 

Days are counting but you are still unproductive.  Getting busy or to be  idle is a choice you have to make on a daily basis. It is a choice if you are going to be lazy or do productive activities. If you choose to be idle, it means you just hang around the house or your room, watching television, staying on the internet just browsing without having an agenda of researching or working online.

If you choose to get busy, you have a plan for your daily activities and  motivated to accomplish what you have planned. Sometimes things did not happen the way you planned, but you can adjust and be flexible.

Time management means you value your time and also respect other's time.