Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Office Romance in the Office

Office romance is so common among corporate co-workers when a relationship blooms. Couples who are either both single, one is married, or both are married. How does office romance develops? If the two are constantly seeing each other everyday and becomes fond with each other. They start to eat together during lunch or during break-time, sometimes it start with a group but later on become exclusively being seen together . Afterwards, they try to still be together even outside the office premises and begun enjoying each others company by eating outside and dating already.

If the couple are both single, there might not be much problem as long you do not bring the relationship into work hours and be discreet about it. If one is commited, the weight would be on that person whether she/he will make a choice between the two. The third scenario will be if both are committed already (married or not) and if already have kids of each own. Is it just a whirlwind romance? One reason that two committed people falls into falling in love is because they begun sharing own personal problems with their current partners. They develop friendship, share sentiments and find solace with each other, not realizing that they are already falling into the person. 

Can this be avoided? Maybe yes or not. Decisions may depend in one’s life core values and what matters most. There are things to consider especially if there will be other people who will be affected or there will be a consequence after the decision. In the end we will suffer or benefit from the fruits of our actions.