Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting the Right Person for your Company Vacancy

Hiring additional manpower for the company entails a process starting of posting your vacancy advertisement either through traditional posting in broadsheet newspapers, online job headhunters, manpower agencies, or manual posting in bulletin boards. Second stage is reviewing and selecting the received applications from prospective candidates. Third stage is scheduling them for the initial interview which usually goes with giving them a series of test either written and actual test. Computer related positions requires computer test to candidates. Fourth stage, is shortlisting your candidates and schedule them again for the final interview. Once the candidate is chosen for the position, the applicant submits the required manpower hiring requirements including medical exams.

If you are on the side of the employer, it is not easy to hire the right person for your vacancy. Employees nowadays keep on jumping on various companies especially with the young ones. It is advisable to always evaluate company salary package, other benefits, and the training package so that employees will have more reason to stay.