Monday, June 1, 2015

Countryside or Urban Living?

Eventhough I was born in the city, I grew up in the countryside place where things are simplier and peaceful. Now that I am already working and living in an urban environment I can see the difference or maybe things are just too simplier then. You almost know all the people in your place, the night is longer where you sleep early, places are much nearer, toys are sometimes improvised, games are more outdoors, and more.

Techonology nowadays has brought a different lifestyle to kids where most of entertainment are digital. Less physical activities such as playing computer games, activities in the newest smartphones, tablets, and more. In an urban life, it has been a fast-paced life where mobility and stress are a way of life.

I cannot say that living in a countryside is better than in urban life. I am happy that I just able to experience both worlds.