Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Commonly Used Software Programs in my Laptop Workstation

As I browse my windows icons, I noticed the most common software programs I use which define my wired activities. Let me share some of them:

Microsoft Word - I use this for writing articles, for back-up file, easily check the number of characters or words and use the spelling feature before posting. 

Microsoft Excel – This is also mostly used for monitoring my activities. Instead having web applications, I simply use a spreadsheet to organize my work. 

Adobe Photoshop – I do photo editing, lay-outing with Photoshop. Recently, I have not brush up my skills because of writing online and other freelancing websites.

Adobe Reader – Use for my PDF files. My card bill is being sent through PDF format, by viewing music sheets, some tutorials are usually in PDF formats, and many others which requires PDF viewer.

Google Chrome – My main web browser, I am a Mozilla Firefox user before, but I stayed with Chrome when I first tried it. 

Notepad – For a quick save on certain web links ( I do not use bookmark often), or a text from the web. Use for some notes here in Bubblews, I just put them on a notepad file.

Paint –  I capture the screen through the use of Print Screen feature in Windows and paste it on Paint to cut it. I do not usually use Paint for other editing photos because the quality decreases. 

Yahoo Messenger – Although Facebook messenger is around, I still use Yahoo Messenger from time to time  chatting with friends.

Viber Messenger -  I use this program to communicate with friends and family.  We have a family group to share messages, photos, and videos.  

Skype – This is the main program I use connecting with my family around the globe. Facebook Video call has a decent image resolution, but Skype is more accessible and easy to use.

How about you? What are your commonly used programs in your workstation?