Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Alternative Way to Manage your Online Files

How do you manage your online files if you have a lot of articles already? Having a back-up for our online files is a must for writers who still want to make use of their articles in the future and archive it effectively.

Do you use the browser bookmark for your online articles and other reference URL links?  If you have joined one site you would probably have fifty, hundreds, or a thousand articles.  If you have several websites you will have a lot of online files.  For the word files, it is better to be well organized so that you can easily refer to if you need them for your future online activities.

One way to manage your online files or published works is to consolitdate it one word file for each site and have an MS Excel to organize the links.  It is easier to have one file for easier reference and for the links relying to browser bookmark tool which can be deleted if your operating system crashed.