Friday, May 22, 2015

Training Tips to New Hires

Hiring a new staff or employee in the office is always a risk whether the employee passed the hiring test and interview, you can only see if he/she is qualified when the training starts. Giving proper training and motivation are vital in keeping the employee grow or might lead to poor performance leading to low evaluation rate.

Here are some training tips in random order:

1. Inform and explain well the job description of the employee. Let the employee know list of regular job tasks and priority tasks. 
2. Know the basic skills and capabilities of the employee, assign tasks that will test his/her abilities.
3. Give instructions clearly (write it down if necessary) and be open to any questions but with limitations. It is not acceptable that every minute the new employee will ask again and again. He/she would be able to grasp after once or twice that you have given the instruction.
4. Allow the employee to work on his own work system, if the system is not effective teach him/her alternative system that will speed up the process.