Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Internet: Friend or Foe to People?

Being online and get connected in the Internet has become the way of life to people either for personal digital lifestyle or a venue for working online. The internet is as vast as the world where so many things happen, one can be lost, one can find a gold, one can learn so many things, one can be scammed, one can be addicted and so on. The Internet, a friend or foe? 

There is no correct or wrong answer for the above question. It becomes a friend when you use the Internet for productive activities such as working online, connecting with friends and relatives, doing research works, learning from online tutorials and more. It becomes a foe, when it is not being used properly such as using the Internet to scam people, to start with social media unhealthy fights, to be lazy spending the whole time playing games in the Internet, online gambling, and more.

Let us make use of the Internet wisely.