Sunday, May 17, 2015

Goodbye Neobux PTC Website

I have been with Neobux PTC website for atleast three years now and finally this year I am bidding goodbye to Neobux. I should have been done this last year but decided to extend it up to this year. Among the PTC websites I joined, Neobux is the most reliable. Another good thing about Neobux is when you click the payout button, your payment will be credited already to your PayPal account. 

Neobux has been part of my online daily routine which I try to click almost everyday unless I am sick or there are family emergency situations. I also try to click advertisements during lunchbreaks if I have a chance so that I am already done for the day.

I never rented or invested money in Neobux, I am only a regular member but the earnings are quite slow. I stayed because it is easy to do everyday and it is proven to be legitimate. Then I realized that it is already eating too much of my time since the number of advertisements are increasing unlike before. Right now, I decided to devote my time in writing which gives me higher earnings.

Goodbye Neobux and thank you for the opportunity to earn that you gave me.