Friday, May 8, 2015

Corn Tortilla Chips with Salsa

Dining out is one of the pleasurable activity we can have either with family or friends. It is when you try to relax and enjoy the food fully. I enjoy taking a food trip where eating on different restaurants or food stalls. Have the main meal in one place and move to another for the dessert. It is not 

This week I overload with tortilla chips. I rarely eat chips as appetizer, but I had it when I dine out the other day. The corn tortilla chips served was just right to my taste buds, it was crunchy, not too oily, and the salsa was just great. Last night, my sister arrived with a bunch of tortilla chips on a medium size brown grocery bag with two types of dips. I am happy with it too, I indulge with the chips while watching a movie.