Thursday, April 2, 2015

Visit to London Science Museum

Visit to London Science Museum is one of the places I want to visit again. I was not able to check out other attractions on the upper floors. Our place was only forty five minutes underground train away from the Central London, but we were able to leave late in the afternoon already so we arrived early evening. 

Upon entrance, we are given a flyer about the museum and map how to go around inside. I am happy old music instruments on display, the space apollo artifacts, old cars, miniature ships and more. I also remember some old rooms where you can only view on the window but it was too dark down there which looks like a dungeon. Quite scary!

I enjoy the visit but time was too fast and we need to leave the museum because it was closing time already. I will definitely go back again but probably there will be new attractions and I can’t wait to see and capture them in photos.