Friday, April 24, 2015

Preparing for a Family Reunion

By next week our family will have a family reunion, some members of the family will be coming from abroad. After many years past, my sister, her husbands and two kids will arrive for a short vacation. I will see my nephew and niece who are grown ups now. The last time I saw them are seven and ten years old. Now my mother who is a senior citizen, a much older than when they last saw her. It is good that they will be able to visit us and spend more time with my mother before they get married few years later. Our house is not in top shape since just recently we had major repairs in some areas. So some preparations had to be made, quite tiring but excited about the family reunion.

I can always remember the past vacations, when somebody is coming from out of the country the family here is busy preparing, then suddenly you will realize that time is too fast because days or weeks after they are already packing for their departure.