Monday, April 13, 2015

Places to Visit in Tagaytay City Philippines

Here are some of the places you can visit  in Tagaytay:

SkyRanch Park – try the zip line for the first time

People’s Park in the Sky – If you enjoy an high-altitude experience this place is perfect for you. Be ready with a steep road to climb going up while the fog is around.

Sonya’s Garden (Bed and Breakfast Hotel) 

Leslie’s Restaurant – a favorite stop by restaurant for tourists. A large restaurant offering Filipino dishes with a live entertainment with your requested song. Overlooking the Taal Volcano, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Taal Volcano. 

Our Lady of Manaog at Tierra de Maria Chapel – find peace and solitude on this place, a 50ft statue of the Virgin Mary is on top of the chapel. 

If you are visiting Manila, take a side trip to Tagaytay there is a lot more to discover on this place.