Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Parenting: Restrictions of Playing Gadgets for Children

Playing online games in computer and various applications on tablets and mobile has been a common topic for parents. Within the family, parents or single parents decide on the limitation they have to set or house rules for their children. A bigger challenge is to be able to implement and monitor them. 

Children nowadays are into gadget games for long hours which hinders them from having more social and physical activities. Here are some considerations on giving limitations to children:

Consider the age of the child or each child, limitation according to age. How many hours or allowed time they could play or use the gadget.

What type of games are to be played. There are a lot of educational games that would help on the development of the child. Choose and monitor the games to be played so that the child will still be guided.
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The type of gadget for the appropriate age. Young children sometimes has expensive gadgets which they cannot yet manage. Gadgets are vulnerable to being stolen or misplaced.