Friday, April 24, 2015

Hsve you experienced Techno Stress?

As a freelancer online writer, I started managing few websites on my first year with atleast two websites at a time. But after three years, I have been juggling from various websites trying to make the most of the opportunities at the same time. 

Although I am enjoying working online, sometimes I do feel the stress trying to be productive everyday. I usually have three windows open while working online and also doing some activities like fixing my bag. Maybe, I feel exhausted sometimes because I have a regular job and I am just finding time for my work online. As of now, I cannot fully quit my regular job because I still need the main income. 

Do you ever feel a techno stress? As much as we want to multi-task online, sometimes focusing on one activity and finishing it quickly can be more productive than doing too many activities at the same with minimal accomplishments.