Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Factors of a Good Restaurant

Dining in a restaurant is one of the delightful activity one can have either you go out alone, with family, friends, or business partners. Aside from the food, dining in a new environment (aside from the corners of your dining area) makes you unwind and enjoy food more. Food are served and you are given a good service by the restaurant. Here are some of the factors that makes a good restaurant:

Good food. This is of course the main factor since your basic purpose is to eat good food. Customers should be satisfied with what they pay for.

Fast service of the staff. Your apetite may be lost because of a poor service. A restaurant must sure that customers are being served in time.

Good ambiance of the restaurant. The ambiance should provide comfort and relaxation to customers. Is the sound too loud? Are the tables properly placed, is there enough space for people to go around?

Clean bathroom. This is important for most customers, it is a big factor for the overall evaluation of the restaurant. Cleanliness should be observed especially in the food industry. 

Do you have unforgettable positive or negative experience with a restaurant?