Friday, April 3, 2015

Are you Buying too Much of Souvenirs?

If you are a traveler, souvenirs are common things that you look for in every destination you go. Every place has its own unique souvenirs although they can be similar on the type of items such as shirts, mugs, baseball caps, post cards, refrigerator magnets, ceramic items, and so on. Aside from the souvenirs that can be bought at souvenir shops, there are also selected items that you can buy in local markets where there are distinct ones that are available to that place.

It is really exciting and tempting to buy souvenirs when you are already there, but do you happen to splurge on them from one of your trips? It is advisable that before the trip allocate a budget for the souvenirs. Nowadays, photos are the best souvenirs that can be easily shared to others through Facebook and other social media sites. My favorite souvenirs that I had was when I purchased a miniature grand piano (bought from a miniature house shop) and a wooden “chopin bored” (a chopping board bought in a charity shop) I loved them both. Notice the hand in the piano, quite cute.