Sunday, March 29, 2015

What are the Causes of Physical Stress?

Stress is already part of man’s life. Is there actually a person who did not experience stress? Even those who are born in the silver spoon have experienced stress in some way. In our 20th digital generation, we have a fast paced life. There are 24 hours work and there are cities that never sleeps. We tend to have physical stress if we lack sleep and rest. Here are some factors that causes physical stress:
Radiation from the sun can affect our skin health. If our daytime activity or work cannot avoid the sun, it is more likely that we can have unhealthy skin or have skin problems.
Pollution. Dirt from outside can give our physical health diseases and unhealthy skin.
Poor diet. Because of too much work and being busy everyday, some people neglect proper eating and getting the right food that our body needs.
Personal problems. This is the number one cause of physical stress, if we have problems our body weakens, we tend not to eat well and sleep properly.