Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Viber for Windows PC

I am a Viber user on my mobile phone, it is so easy to communicate with the family using the group feature. Aside from Skype, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, I mostly use Viber nowadays sharing photos and messages with my family or friends. 

Tonight I downloaded Viber for my laptop, there are incidents that I received and send messages through Viber, but I am slower in using my mobile keypad. It is more convenient now that while I am working online I can still easily use Viber simultaneously.

Some of the features are good quality of voice calls, video calls in Beta version ( I am still trying to use it), send text messages, photo, and various sticker messages. I noticed that it has more sticker messages than on the mobile phone. Sync your mobile and pc devices easily.

Install Viber PC Windows