Monday, March 30, 2015

Twitter to Increase your Blog Traffic

Twitter aside from Facebook is a leading social media website. Users are from walks of life and it is very fast. There are thrillion tweets being posted in every seconds or minutes. Latest news, information, tips, personal stories, success, even hatred are being shared through Twitter. It has a power of its own, it is time you use it for your benefit and for your business or for your blog traffic.
Start by posting content from your blog. Your blog should have something to offer, no traffic will be directed to your blog if your content is not engaging.
Evaluate your target readers depending in your topics. Who are they? Search related Twitter users and connect with them. Engage conversations with them, reply to their post. If they find something interesting from your Twitter profile, they would start following your posts. Take time to retweet some of their posts that are worth sharing.
Find techniques to increase followers by using some Twitter applications.
Do not overload your posts, have intervals.