Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tips in Buying Clothes

Shopping clothes has always been a pleasurable activity for people especially for women. For some, it is therapeutic to release some stress. Having the right clothes for will enhance personality 

1. Choose the colors that mix and match to your existing clothes. 

2. Know your body assets so that you will know what clothes will emphasize your assets
or what part should be covered by clothes.

3. Clothes that are comfortable is one of the priorities to be considered, style is only secondary. 

4. Every season and activities requires certain clothes, buy atleast one to three pairs of clothes for various occasions.

5. Quality is always a big factor in choosing clothes over cheaper ones with less quality.

6. Make a plan when shopping for clothes, impulsive buying is common among shoppers when something attractive and on sale. Know what you need and your budget so you will avoid overspending.