Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sky Ranch Park Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a famous tourist place in the country, next to Baguio City, the temperature is colder than the metropolis. Those in the city who wants to escape the urban life would take a short trip to Tagaytay.

Our trip to Tagaytay includes a two-hour stay in Sky Ranch in the afternoon. It was my first to be there so I was quite curious of what to see inside. I have read about it from blogs, but that was the only time that I finally saw the place. The place was quite small for a park and I find the rides were limited as compared with other amusement park.

There are some horses at the entrance for the horse ride, but the main attraction is the “Sky Eye” or the Ferris wheel at 207 ft , good for teens and adults who wants to see the eye view of Tagaytay and the lake. The zip line experience were enjoyed by my niece and nephew who were first timers. They were not scared at all, atleast they have enjoyed it. But other rides were not that exciting, kids may be thrilled with the usual rides such as the Carousel, Bubble-O-fun, train, and coaster. 
Food kiosk are also available for those who wants to feed their hungry stomach.

For those who will not be taking the rides, a good view of the Taal lake volcano would be a relaxing one.

A short stay at Sky Ranch would be nice, but I would recommend other Tagaytay attractions if your time is limited.