Monday, March 16, 2015

Yamaha Portable 76 Note Digital Keyboard

Replacing my old digital keyboard was a long term plan already. It took me a long time to check for the right replacement which fits my requirements. 

It is almost a year now that I am asking our local music store if my selected model will be available, but since this is not a latest model, it is always out of stock. It had to be ordered which can be available after a few months. Last week, I went again and left my number to the store if there will be a stock again. One week came and no reply from them. Then yesterday, I had the feeling again to browse my shortlist of selected prospects of keyboards I watched videos and checking the specifications of the keyboard. Just few hours ago, I wrote an article about these keyboards. I was just amazed that after twenty minutes ago, the music store called me that the stock for NP V60 will be available after a month. The unit has been reserved for me already. I cannot wait to see the new one at home.