Monday, March 9, 2015

Protect your Home from Burglars

Home security should be the first priority of every family. Understand behavior and indicators for burglars who are probably getting around in your house disguising. The person next to you might be one of them, here are some tips to identify burglars:

A house that is always open, the window or doors are open and seems no one is around. Unsecured openings in the house is a way for most burglars. Always check the door at the back of the house.

A house without pets especially dogs. 

They are looking for houses where the house is silent which looks like everybody are on vacation. 

Keep ladders and other tools after use and never to leave outside. Burglars always look for ways how to get in the house. A house with an easy access 

Install a house alarm system as an added protection and preventive measures.