Thursday, March 5, 2015

Organizing your Personal Documents

Organization skills is very important either for work or for personal purposes. I always remember the virtue of order where it is better to be organized so that you can increase productivity and be able to move one with a clear mind. I bought an envelope organizer where I can easily file my documents and neatly label them one by one. Throughout the year, we usually accumulate receipts, billings, flyers, tickets, and other papers which some of them are not necessary anymore.  

I was not able to organize my personal documents last December since the schedule was tight. It is so relieving that I was able to simplify and manage my documents with its new filing system. Here are some of the documents I organized:  Old bank deposit slips and bank related papers Old credit card billings and other credit card related documents Health related laboratory results and other doctor’s prescription Some house utility and cable including copy of application service details Miscellaneous papers Old important family photos Other important personal documents