Monday, March 16, 2015

Musical Instruments: Yamaha Portable 76 Note Digital Keyboards

I am looking for looking for a new portable digital keyboard for the replacement of my existing old Yamaha PSR keyboard model at home. I have been canvassing for quite sometime now, and really hopes that I can purchase one sooner. The price, 76 key notes, and the portability features of the keyboard are important to my requirements. As I am browsing the internet, I find the the Yamaha Piaggero series can be considered.

The NP V80 and NP V60 models are fit to my requirements. The dimension and weight are the same with 7.1kg. The features and specifications are almost the same so I would probably get the NP V60 for practical reasons (NP V80’s price is higher). 

See more of these models from Yamaha website 

NP V80     PV60