Thursday, March 12, 2015

Musical Instruments: Review of Yamaha Keyboard Piaggerro NP-V60

If you are planning to buy a musical keyboard and your main concern is portability, the lightweight Piagerro NP-V60 is one to consider. It is good for home use but also those who are performing which comes. Other Piaggero series are also portable, but choose that fit within the budget. This model has a good audio with two built in speakers, it has a slim design which is advantage to space, lots of voices, styles, pitch bend wheel is included, and affordable.

It has 76 Keys but not weighted, being not weighted is not a disadvantage at all for keyboardists and those who does not really require a weighted one.
Downside is you have to buy the adaptor separately which are so common with Yamaha keyboards these days. Overall, Piagerro NP-V60 is a choice worth to try.

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