Monday, March 2, 2015

Marina Seafood Restaurant Review

With a group of ten, we dine in at Marina Seafood Restaurant in Makati City, the business capital of Metro Manila. We were able to get a discounted package for five people from an online deal store. It is fortunate that we are able to get the online deal because the cost was quite expensive. Their menu are mostly Filipino dishes with various seafood treats. We ordered a big Lapu Lapu fish dish, chicken dish for a kid, a beef steak (their steak was not that satisfactory), and a tofu vegetable dish which we did not liked. They have a big serving so it is advisable to order just what you can consume.
Marina Restaurant
Their staff was friendly and accommodating so I can say that I am satisfied with their service. When it comes to restaurant ambiance and cleanliness, it is fairly good. At night, there is some entertainment for customers.

I would give Marina Restaurant an 8 of 10 rating.