Thursday, March 19, 2015

Job Applicants and Employees: Honesty is the Best Policy

In any dealings, a common saying is always still significant nowadays “Honesty is the Best Policy”. It is still important in an office environment where job applicants and employees are expected to be truthful with the information they are saying or submitting to the company. There are applicants who disclosed being a single mom or if not married but living with a partner instead. The company can consider those circumstances if proper information are being conveyed. 

For employees who are in a situation that tests their honesty, the company values those who truly give their best loyalty. What are sample dishonesty activites by some employees:

1. Using office hours doing personal matters or worse applying for another company using company resources.
2. Getting office supplies for their family use or for their kids school needs.
3. For those who are working with money involved. Being dishonest with liquidations 
4. Not being truthful if they require to be ask for something.

This is just a short list, readers can add to this list.

In related business matters, it is better to discuss the truth about what happened and apologize if there are lapses in your part. Do you still practice in your work area?