Saturday, March 28, 2015

Is Adobe Photoshop the best Graphic Software?

Adobe Photoshop is a popular graphic software among creative users. When you think of Adobe, photoshop is the next word you can say or remember. I have been an AdobePhotoshop user for years now although lately I have not been practicing the skills and not been updated with the latest version.
Do you think Adobe Photoshop is the best graphic software? I wonder if there other latest software that is at par with Adobe right now. I have tried Corel Draw, Paint Pro, and a few others. Computer graphics is very useful in business and creative activities. When you need a simple banner, a logo, web banner, flyers for an event, graphics for website, graphic materials for advertisement, invitation for an occasion, and so on.
Adobe Photoshop is currently on top position, but do you have any other graphics software that can be used for graphic materials?