Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to Save on Electricity

Everyday we use electricity for our house needs and monthly bills are coming depending on how we use our electrical lightings and appliances. With the high cost of electricity nowadays, it is important that we take the necessary actions and awareness on how to save on our electrical expenses. Children should also participate and know the value of money. It is not only because our bills will be affected, but also for saving the entire national resources. If only many families would practice on proper use of electricity, there will be more savings from national or world energy resources.

Here are some ways to save home electricity:

1. Use energy saving bulb for our rooms.
2. Turn off the light when leaving the room, automatic timers for lights are also advisable if you need to turn off outdoor lights during daylight.
3. Use energy saving appliances.
4. Use light color curtains to take advantage of the sun light passing through inside the house.
5. Maintain appliances properly.
6. Use hot water if necessary.
7. Unplug appliances when leaving the house.