Sunday, March 8, 2015

hings to Do if you are a Bank Teller by Simplyoj, &Simplyoj

A bank teller plays a vital role in every bank where common banking transactions are being processed. Here are some reminders for bank tellers:

Train well and be knowledgeable about the bank policies, bank rules, so that you will avoid mistakes. Banks always go by the policies and when circumstances comes with customer concerns or incidents you will always refer to standard operating procedures. 

Being keen to small details is very important, having been working with standard procedures on deposit slips, withdrawals, and other banking documents requires double checking. 

A bank teller deals with different types of customers, excellent human relation and good communication skills are necessary to be able to deal with them well. 

Being discreet with confidential matters. 

Be alert and know what to do during emergency security incidents.