Friday, March 27, 2015

Flappy Bird Crazy Business

It is game over for Flappy Bird game users, but for Ebay sellers it is just a beginning of a big bucks selling their mobile phones with pre-installed flappy bird games As reported by Mirror News  , iPhones with flappy bird game on sale reached a bid to $90,000. It is quite a large money running after a single game which becomes rare in the market. It has been pulled out from Apple Store and Google Play store since February 9, 2014.

People would always find ways to earn in every situation. It is also because there are still people are willing to buy. Considering that you have the money and you really love the game, would you fall for such tempting eBay sale? 

For me, it is just a fad that hit the market (just like candy crush game), another popular game would emerge in the next days. As for the developer, Dong Nguyen, he decided to withdraw his popular game inspite of its popularity and big opportunity for money, because it ruined his simple life. Well, for this person, it still proves that “peace of mind” and “simple life” are priceless.