Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Explore SoundCloud Music on Desktop , iPhone or Android Apps

Are you using SoundCloud? I just installed soundcloud chrome app on my computer and I am trying to explore it a little bit more. I have heard about it several times but I have not fully explored it. Soundcloud is a place where unsigned music artists and audio creators or any other users to upload, record, and share their music through social media. SoundCloud is a good opportunity to amateur bands and artists to promote themselves and get noticed.
As a listener, you can browse various genres such as alternative rock, acoustic,classical, country, hip-hop,metal,piano,pop, as well as about learning,sports,technology, and many more. Discover new artists and sounds from different cultures. It is exciting to listen since you can always hear new music. A cup of coffee and a chillin’ music from SoundCloud is a relaxing moment.

Soundcloud was founded 2007 by Alexander Ljung based in Berlin, Germany.