Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do you like Isle Seat or Window Seat in the Airplane?

If you are a constant traveler or a first time to be on the airplane, you will either be seating on the isle seat or window seat, or in the middle. Advance booking or reservation of airplane ticket will have a chance to choose what seat we prefer. There are reasons for some people who choose the isle or window seat.

The advantage of being in the isle seat is you can easily go out especially if you are frequent going to the toilet. With the limited space between the airplane chairs, it is more convenient taking the isle seat. With my previous travels, I would always choose the window seat. I love looking at the clouds and observing the aircraft wing. It is also an exciting experience during the aircraft take-off as it slowly goes up to the sky. Same before landing into your destination, you can see the place in aerial view. The mountains, valleys, the infrastructures, houses in a smaller view. 

How about you what would you choose, isle seat or window seat?