Monday, March 16, 2015

Crepe Dessert with Ice Cream

My favorite dessert nowadays is having a plate of crepe. Fruits crepes are common with bits of chocolate syrups, grated chocolate sprinkled around the crepe. Most of all, an additional scoops of cold ice cream on the sides.

One Sunday, my family went out to dine outside and to meet our cousins. After having lunch, we went to an ice cream house where you can choose all types of ice cream desserts. It’s been quite sometime that I have not eaten ice creams because of the cold weather. When I am to choose my own dessert, there was no denying that I took the yummy crepe with strawberry ice cream flavor. I enjoyed my dessert to the fullest. I am not really a big eater, so the size was just right for me.

I also do crepes at home if my time permits, but these, days my hands are full with house chores and working online.