Saturday, March 14, 2015

Coping Up with the Expenses

We all do have expenses in order to live for ourselves and for the family. Either you are a single mother trying to earn an income and doing the household budget , a single who are trying to assist the parents, you are a father who is the provider or the bread winner of the family, a single young professional trying to assist parents, working student trying to assist parents, or a working student trying to make the ends meet. 

Financial management is very important especially if expenses are coming through.. If expenses are there what would you do? If you have a credit card, how would you use it over using cash instead. I would normally prioritize expenses which may incur charges if failed to meet the deadline, next are the house utilities which are due already, postpone other expenses that can wait if there are more important expenses to be paid. 

We do all know that earning money is hard and takes a lot of sacrifice. That is why controlling and spending it wisely are very essential. How about you, how do you budget money?