Thursday, March 19, 2015

Casual, Semi Casual, or Formal?

Different personalities comes with different styles of dressing. Depending on the person, there are certain clothes we love to wear. But there are appropriate clothes for various events. Casual maybe jeans, shirts,shorts, hoodies, sneakers, and other casual wear which are comfortable for everyday activities. On the other hand, formal dresses are usually uncomfortable and being worn during parties, theater premier events, or other important events. For women, high heels are paired with formal dresses. Smart casual or semi formal are being worn in the office or activities which do not require formal wear.

Since I am wearing smart casual or business attire during weekdays, during weekends, I prefer to have casual wear if I am going to the grocery or nearby mall then change appropriate clothes when going to church on Sundays. I rarely wear formal dresses since I only select formal events that I go to. How about you?