Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Be Creative Personalized your Gift Wrapping

ere are some gift wrapping ideas that you can do for various occasions:

Candy Shape like wrapping – if you will be wrapping items that can be rolled such as (towels, clothing, small pillow etc), candy shape can be fun. Make sure that the two edges are properly turned and squeezed. 

Box type wrapping – this is the standard wrapping we used to do with ribbons on top.

Polo shirt wrapping – I used to do this type of wrapping when I still have more time then. The gift has colar, buttons (use a puncher to create round buttons, use the other side of the wrapper to have plain buttons), and a pocket on the side.

Envelope wrapping – Create four to five envelopes (or as many as you want) in various sizes and put them within the envelope. Into the smallest envelope, put your greetings or message. 

Customized wrappers – You can save your wrapping cost since magazine pages are used as wrappers. Choose pages that are related to the interest of the recipient of your gift.

I wish I could do them all now and take a picture of them, but I was able to do the last one. The photos on this article was my gift to my friend last Christmas.