Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Are you Using your Credit Card Wisely?

Credit Card is one of the main payment mode used by people nowadays instead of paying in cash. It is more convenient and safe by not bringing more cash with you. Another good thing is you need to pay it on your next card statement date. It is also widely used in online shopping where you can easily enter your credit card number to make a purchase. That is why many credit card users has a pleasure of using the card, if not controlled may result to overspending. 

Some people may even have more than one credit card. While credit card companies competes to each other to get more credit card users, most of them waived the first annual membership fee. 

Using the credit card wisely is always a challenge for every user whenever they shop they should always think twice or have a shopping plan to avoid impulse buying. How about you, are you using your credit card wisely?