Sunday, February 22, 2015

What are the 5 C's of Marriage?

Marriage is often been discussed in any form either in movies, television,writings, forums, social media and other discussions. As I visited my notes years ago, I saw about the 5 C’s of marriage. Here are some essential points on marriage to become successful, I would like to share my random thoughts on these:
Calendar - It means a time for each other. Some marriages or relationships failed because of lack of time together which causes falling out of love. One or both may have lapses in giving the deserved time for the other half. Calendar and make time to spend together, if you have kids already take time to have a date which only both of you can enjoy.

Communication - Part of making time for each other is communication. Constant communications makes the relationship stronger and misunderstandings can easily be resolved if there is open communication.

Caring - Caring for each other in small ways are big points to a relationship.

Courtship - Courtship after marriage is still important to keep the love burning. 

Commitment – Commitment to each other and to the relationship holds the bond of marriage. From the promise made, through joy and pain the commitment remains.