Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tsu Social Network Threatens Facebook and Twitter?

Tsu is one of the biggest social media news today as they launched this October.  Founder Sebastian Sobczak is giving 90% revenue to its members and leaving 10% for them.  This is quite surprising but they realized that it could be a great potential unlike their rivals Facebook and Twitter.  By just posting and interacting, you can earn.  But like other money making websites, there is no quick money here.  Enjoy it first and the money will follow.

Here are some tips to grow your network at Tsu:
Be active in your daily posts
Follow more people
Interact with your followers and friends by liking their post, commenting, sharing their posts to others.
Check your followers list from time to time, you might need to follow them too.

More and more people are joining Tsu including celebrities.   Will it be a threat to giants Facebook and Twitter? 

Have fun, and join me at Tsu