Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Sites do you Use for Marketing your Articles?

Most writers have their own way of marketing their articles, here are some of those:

Two main social media sites are Facebook and Twitter
Facebook – this is a common venue for writers to share their work  first to their family, friends, and facebook network. Others make their way to create or join Facebook groups related to their topic just to promote their articles.

Twitter – This is effective if the content website recognizes Twitter as the source of the traffic. Just be careful of using auto-tweets scheduler, some content sites do not  allow these types of promotion.

Articles are often promoted through the use of blogging. It is easy to backlink your articles through a blog. The “share” button in your blog also helps so readers can easily share your articles.

Most writers have joined other content websites so backlinking is easy to set up depending on the policies of each website.