Friday, July 26, 2013

Wedding Plans Preparations

Wedding plans can be both  fun,  stressful, and challenging in creating fresh ideas to make your wedding a different one. Here are some creative ideas you can do for your wedding:

1. Have a “Man of Honor” - although the common wedding entourage includes maid of honor, if you have a male friend you can have him the “Man of Honor”.

2. Decorate the venue with non-tradional or formal wedding reception.

3. Ask your guests to wear clothes based from your wedding theme.

4. Order non-traditional cakes.

Choosing the Right Bridal Wedding Gown

For every woman who is going to tie the knot,  wedding gown  is one of the important details of the wedding preparation. It would
make or break the bride’s total look. Careful preparation is needed for the wedding gown’s details. Here are some factors or guide for the bride when choosing her wedding gown:

Choose an established couturier for your gown, if you have a regular couturier the better. If there is none, ask recommendations from family and friends.

Your gown  should reflect your personality. There are various styles of wedding gowns from traditional, modern to avant-garde, choose the one that speaks of your personality. Do you want a bare-back gown, choose what type of fabric, beaded, and so on.  Your wedding gown  should also highlight your physical assets.

Wear a comfortable wedding gown. The wedding day is a big day and stressful one, you should be comfortable enough to move around and enjoy the big event.