Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Unplugged Family Bonding

Quality time with the family is one of the challenging role for busy parents. With the fast-paced life nowadays, some families fail to spend time together. Kids tend to resort to digital entertainment such as games, social media, and other internet activities. They are glued to screen monitors of their computers, tablets, smartphones, and other form of digital entertainment. Technology plays an important part in people’s lifestyle and relationships to those who are around them. But inspite of the advantages of technology, this should be some balance.

One way to family bond is to plan well your vacation or schedule some outdoor activities for a family bonding. Here are some activities to begin with:

1. Biking or other some physical activity together.

2. Schedule a yearly vacation, an out-of-town or a trip abroad will give all the members a chance to bond together and experience new environment. During the trip, avoid using your digital gadgets unless it is necessary.

3. When dining out  with the family, keep the conversation going so that kids will not  be bored and resort again of playing games or doing other things using their smartphones or tablets.