Monday, July 22, 2013

Organize your Online Money

There are many ways to earn online where many opportunities are there for us to explore and try. That is why many online freelancers joins and manage multiple websites. Just like any other job, we need to organize to maximize our potential and to be more productive. Earning online can be overwhelming, proper time management and being organized are necessary to achieve goals.

There are many ways to organize such as productivity softwares, iPad or tablet applications, mobile phone application and so on.  Some opt  to use the traditional way by using a notebook or planner to write down  all the important details of their online activities.

One way to organize that works is by simply using a Microsoft Excel sheet where you can easily encode all the websites you have and other details. By creating a chart, you can easily encode all the websites and use columns to easily compute for your earnings weekly or monthly. You may also use another sheet on the same file to organize all your research reference links, and so on.
So,  how do you organize your online activities?