Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Shop with a limited Budget

Shopping can be fun if you have enough money to spend with. But if not,  a limited budget should be spent wisely. Here are some few tips on how to budget your money:

1. Plan your shopping and create a checklist. Do not  shop only whenever you want to or you just pass by the store. If you do this, there will be more chances that you will miss something or you will get into impulse buying.

2. Look  for deals and coupons in advance so you can save some money from discounts. There are online sources that offers huge discounts, you just have to be resourceful and know  how to go about it.

3. Shop when it is not  in season. If you are buying for winter clothes, try to scout in advance while during summer or other season. These are more cheaper and easy to shop. If you are buying for school materials, check them out  before the school opening.

4. Canvass first before buying so you know  that you are getting the best deal.