Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pinterest : The Next Big Thing in Social Media

Pinterest is a social photo sharing website or called the "virtual pinboard" where users share photos of their   interests pinned in various  boards.   With this fresh concept, Pinterest users grown rapidly since Ben Silbermann founded it in March 2010.  They are now considered as the next big thing in social media which comes close with social networking giants, Facebook and Twitter.    Most users of Pinterest are mostly women with popular pin board categories such as fashion, family, home décor, food recipes, DIY, travel, holidays, deals coupons, arts, and hobbies.  The popularity became more eminent when famous personalities joined in like the first lady, Michelle Obama, Ellen De Generes, Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Simpson, and other celebrities. 

Upload images as pins by providing the link source for the photo uploaded.  While Twitter has “Retweet” feature, Pinterest  introduced “Repin” images pinned by others.  Usual features such as leaving a comment, “like”, “follow”, and share buttons are available.  The search feature can help find similar interest.

What can Pinterest do for your business?
Pinterest not only caters for the personal use of individuals but more businesses whether an a large business scale or small retail businesses see a new advertising platform where graphical presentation of their products can be more enticing and effective to consumers.   A strategic “pin” backlink to their own websites or blogs is a good marketing.  Business in arts and design, real estate, events management, wedding, photography,and alike will most benefit from Pinterest.

The internet continue to evolve which affects the way people live in the world wide web.  New things do come and go, we can go with the flow and enjoy the best of what it brings.  See you at Pinterest!