Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Working Moms: Healthy Cooking Tips

For a busy mom who is challenged with domestic responsibilities, cooking a quick and healthy meal is a must.  Delivery, take-outs, and restaurant  food are not that advisable especially if you have growing kids who requires full nutrition.  These are more expensive than cooking your own meal at home.  Here are some useful cooking tips that would help  mom complete the task easier and prepare a healthy meal:

  • Vegetable salad is easy to prepare with a pre-cut vegetables and some other vegetable greens.  Mix and toss in a big bowl, serve with a salad dressing.  Have some variations with salad dressing and experiment to suit your family taste.  Alternative for vegetable salads are steaming your vegetables which is easy to prepare.  Wash them thoroughly and steam for a couple of minutes.  
  • Do not miss a fresh fruit (glucose came from fruits)  for a breakfast meal, it provides energy for the body during the  day.   
  • Nutritionists recommends a five portions of fruits and vegetables a day and the more colourful the better.  They provide essential nutrients to our bodies with variety of vitamins, folic acid, fibre, and phytonutrients.
  • Meat are high in protein but too much fats are not healthy.   Turn your  meat into a healthy one by trimming the skin to remove the fat, it will also absorb the flavors better when marinating.  Instead of deep fat frying, grill or stir-fry meat.
  • Choose low-fat, sugar free, and rich in fiber  food for a healthier  eating habits.  Food rich in  fiber such as wheat bread and whole grain cereals reduces fatigue, a good breakfast with these type of food will sustain energy during the day.  
  • Water theraphy is one of the healthiest thing to do during the day. Common research shows that lack of water in the body is the number one cause of daytime fatigue.   If the body is filled with enough water, it can perform more physical and mental activities.  In addition to these, it lowers the risk of  kidney problems, help remove body toxins, and having eight to ten glasses of water a day can ease back and joint pains