Thursday, January 26, 2012

SitePal Review: Speaking Avatar for Your Website

SitePal is a website that offers creation of speaking avatars for your website. This is an additional feature that makes your website stands out over other websites especially  with business competitors.  How do you like to have a speaking information desk to your website?  SitePal is a powerful and fast  tool with no programming skills needed.
Here are some of the benefits of using speaking avatars:
  • Saves cost by using speaking avatars as a virtual information desk for common questions received.  In addition to this, speaking avatars  can easily deliver and connects your message to your target market.
  • Increase customer service support to clients.  Optimize and personalize your online communication with your website visitors by giving them satisfaction through interactive experience. A web content used to be read by visitors can easily be told by a speaking avatar giving your visitor convenience.  Boost your conversion rate by turning your visitors  into prospective clients.  
  •  Effective sales and marketing tool to increase sales.
  •  Adds to the over-all look of the website and the web content comes alive with a speaking avatar.
SitePal can be used not only for business lead generation but also primarily in different fields.  Trainings and seminars done remotely are using speaking avatars to create a more visual presentation.  E-learning materials also integrates interactive avatar for an easier learning process. 
Features of SitePal:
  • Choose among the 250 customizable stock avatars
  • Use your own voice or use built-in Text-To-Speech feature in multiple languages
  • Compatible with all server technologies
  • Customize the look of your avatar  by uploading your photo, an image, and video background
  • For advance users, add more functionalities to your website with API and Artificial  intelligence bots.
  • Publish to HTML page, Flash, emails
  • Built-in lead collection, FAQ, AI chat
  • Unlimited audio & avatar updates
Basic Guide in Creating Speaking Avatar
1.  Define what you want or the main purpose of the avatar for your website.  Do you want it to inform, to persuade a visitor to make an action such as clicking a purchase button or filling a form, answer a poll question),  to invite visitors for an event and or other message that you want to convey for them.  Make an outline, decide on how the avatar will look like.  Is it more effective if a male or female avatar will be  used for the message?
2.  Create your avatar that embody the website goal and target audience.  Integrating your logo or brand design would be most appropriate.
3.  Prepare an effective and clear audio copy for the avatar.  This will only come alive with the use of the voice which has an appropriate pitch and a voice that will catch the visitors attention.
4.  Provide audio options to visitors of your speaking avatar and configure how it plays by putting  play, pause, and stop buttons.
 SitePal offers competitive prices which starts a 15-trial period.

Visit websites with speaking avatars from different various fields: